About Us

Our core mission is to deliver joy through high-quality products that have proven essential in the Japanese animation industry, including jigsaw puzzles, trading cards, figures, and other art-related items. As we carry on dreaming up new ways to innovate and play, our vision continues to push our research and development team into fresh territory.

We feel it is important to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. In order to achieve this, our policy is to design all of our products from the planning stage, rather than taking charge of the manufacturing alone. We believe in excellence, innovation and quality, seeing our path to the perfect product as an ongoing adventure in discovery and play for all at Styleworth Inc.

Our R&D team strives ceaselessly to produce unique materials while taking the long-term care of our planet into consideration. We have created a variety of distinctive patented technologies that allow our products to stand out from those of our competitors. In fact, no one else is able to replicate the quality, innovation and care we put into our products.